Santa Cruz

Pedro the Lion

Record Details



  1. It’ll All Work Out -:-- / -:--
  2. Santa Cruz -:-- / -:--
  3. Little Help -:-- / -:--
  4. Tall Pines -:-- / -:--
  5. Don’t Cry Now
 -:-- / -:--
  6. Remembering -:-- / -:--
  7. Teacher’s Pet
 -:-- / -:--
  8. Parting
 -:-- / -:--
  9. Modesto
 -:-- / -:--
  10. Spend Time
 -:-- / -:--
  11. Only Yesterday -:-- / -:--

On Pedro The Lion’s new album Santa Cruz, critically acclaimed musician David Bazan returns with a new chapter in his ambitious and ongoing recording project – 5 albums devoted to places he lived in throughout his life. Santa Cruz is Bazan’s third album in the series and follows up where 2022’s Havasu and 2019’s Phoenix left off. Tracks like “Modesto” and “Little Help” foreshadow Bazan’s exposure and ultimate love of classic rock n’ roll records, while songs like “It’ll All Work Out” showcase his unique approach to synthesizers, something he introduced with the 2005 self-titled Headphones album. The stories on Santa Cruz highlight Bazan’s teenage years and solidifies what he sees as an exposition in a traditional three-act structure.

Produced by Andy D. Park & David Bazan
All songs written & arranged by David Bazan
with Erik Walters and Andy D Park
Track 5 with Andy Fitts
Track 7 with Charles Chace

Recorded by Andy D. Park at The Crumb
Mixed by Andy D. Park at The Crumb with David Bazan
Mastered by Andy D. Park at The Crumb
Art Direction by Jesse LeDoux
Cover photos by David Bazan
Studio photo by Ryan Russell