Phoenix Available On Black Vinyl

Hey! Just so you know… “Phoenix sounds incredible on vinyl! It was recorded to analog tape and mastered by one of the greatest mastering engineers of all-time, Bernie Grundman (look him up). We spread the songs out across three sides on high quality black 180g vinyl. By spreading the songs out over three sides, we were able to achieve higher fidelity, more dynamic range and an overall better sounding album. Side four is an etching of a map of Phoenix AZ (Don’ret try to play side four on your turntable. You’rell be very disappointed). Then the always incredible Jessie LeDoux came up the art concept and designed a beautiful package using photos David shot in and around his Grandparent’s house Phoenix. The iconic photo of the band in the studio used on the inside gatefold is by our favorite photographer, Ryan Russell. We couldn’ret be happier about how the whole thing turned out. Special shoutout to the fine folks at Polyvinyl Records for the support and letting us do exactly what we wanted to every step of the way. We hope you enjoy the album as much as we enjoyed making it.

You can buy Phoenix directly from Undertow Music Collective. We have it in stock and ready for immediate shipping. All orders get instant full-album download in MP3 and hi-res WAV formats.