We’re Moving Our Email List To Substack!

BIG NEWS! We’re moving our email list over to Substack. We’ve been running our list for nearly 20 years (WOW!) and the last 10 years it’s been administered through Mailchimp. For a bunch of reasons it’s time move on and it seems like Substack will be a good place to continue our long and beautiful friendship.

Moving forward, we’ll be posting news about Pedro the Lion and Dave’s other musical adventures, tour dates, music, exclusive merchandise, conversations, peek behind the scenes and whatever else we can think of over at Bazan HQ on Substack.

We’re still in the process of moving everyone’s emails over to Substack. But it’s taking longer than we expected. It’s a pretty big list and I guess they want to make sure we’re doing anything janky with your emails.

In the mean time, we wanted you to be the first to know that new music is imminent — we’ll be premiering “Modesto” from the forthcoming Pedro the Lion album Santa Cruz on Tuesday, April 2 @ 9 AM CT.

Sign up to Bazan HQ at Substack to get that link.

There’s an option for a modestly priced paid subscription to our Substack that directly supports Dave’s ongoing work. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of news and updates for free. But there will be some special content directly from Dave every month and other perks for those who decide to upgrade to a paid subscription.

We have a more good news coming soon. Please stay tuned.